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We believe each business has its unique story and we want to explore the identity behind it.


We take care of your business image, starting with your mission and your branding.


Why did you start your business and what are your values?

What are your goals and who is your target audience?


Memorable events are composed of those smaller, brilliant moments.


As a storytelling photography studio, we thrive on documenting those moments.


We are experienced photographers with artistic backgrounds and exceptional taste.


We love to tell stories and we want to help you tell yours.


Are you an interior designer, decorator, architect or simply like our pictures and our project?


Would you like to have an installation done by our team in your home, building or business?


We would love to work with you!


Do have a photography studio project in mind, but don't have a place to develop it? Look no further.


John Mermaid Studio is not only a place for developing our own projects, but it is a place for your projects, too.


Our shooting area is available to rent by the hour or for the entire day.