Product & Interior.

You are in safe hands

If you are a creator, a designer, a real estate or you simply want to shoot your product for your 
e-commerce shop, stop look further. 
We are the professionals you were looking for.


We will work with your idea, approach the project from unique angles and help you get the best photographs for your product or property.

Interior & Real Estate.

Product & Design.

If you are a creator and you have a product to sell or to portray, here you are in safe hands.


We dispose of a 120 square meters photography studio that can host any kind of photo shoot.  We take care of your product in the minimum detail, we retouch pictures and we deliver them to you in great quality. 

Contact us today with your idea and receive your estimate with no cost.

It is proven that by hiring a professional photographer you increase the probability of selling your home faster.

On the other hand at John Mermaid Studio we love interior design and we are here to help your vision come true.

We are experienced real estate and interior photographers. We care about small details and we can not wait to work with you.

Our Clients:

  • Real Estates

  • Tourist Apartments

  • Interiors Designers

  • Stage Designers

  • Fashion Designers

  • Interior Designers

  • General Utility Product Designer

  • Architecture & Construction Companies

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About Us.

Professional, Avantgarde, Friendly


Our love of storytelling comes from our founder and creative director Giovanni Riccò. We hope to spread this love of sharing unique stories throughout all of our services.

We believe there are thousands of stories to be told and we can not wait to tell yours.