Contact us to receive our catalog of pictures and allow yourself to be inspired by a vast selection of cityscapes, landscapes, and fine art analog photography.


All of our pictures were taken by our CEO and Creative Director, Giovanni Riccò, and we can not wait to share them with you.  You can select as many pictures as you like, from one to a hundred. With John Mermaid Studio's installation services, you call the shots.

Do you want something more exclusive for you or your company?


We are always looking to capture new places and subjects. We would love to create something that fits your vision.  Contact us today to discuss a personalised installation project.

Once you choose your pictures, inform us of your choices, and confirm your desired measurements (as per the catalog). Please, also communicate if you prefer the prints with or without a white border.


EX: Picture number 023 - 30x45 cm - white border

EX: Picture number 305 - 60x90 cm - no border


If you can't find the measurement you desire, let us know, and we can discuss a customised size for you.


In order to create a preview of your photographic installation, we ask that you send us photos of the space you would like to stage. With them, we will generate a 3D rendering to design and provide an example of how the finished installation will look.


If you prefer that our team visits the space instead, we can schedule an in-person consultation.

Choosing the right paper can make a significant difference in the final print quality. Matte, glossy, and satin are the main types papers used for printed photographs.

  • Matte will reduce the contrast of the photograph and won't create a reflection.

  • Glossy usually increases the contrast of the photograph and adds a reflection.

  • Satin is a combination of the two previous types.


However, these are not the only characteristics to keep in mind. The quality of the paper matters, too. Selecting a cheaper paper for prints will bring some chromatic changes to the images, but at the same time, a more expensive paper will increase your budget. That is why you can choose different kinds of papers with different characteristics to satisfy your photographic needs and avoid breaking the bank at the same time.


Once you choose the paper, it is time to find a frame that fits based on the measurement of the print. We can discuss what we think is best for you and for your installation as sometimes finding the perfect frame can be a challenge. If you made your selection with frames in mind, we will discuss how to install them in your space.

If you have come to this point, it means that your selection has been made and your sizes, paper, and frames have been chosen. Now, it's time to hang these beauties on your walls!

We are willing to commute anywhere for the installation, on condition that the client will cover our travel expenses. Travel within the Valencian Community is free of charge.

Thank you so much for choosing John Mermaid Studios.


We look forward to working with you!

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