Brand Journalism.

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Consumers today are tired of big brands that just want to sell, sell, sell. Think of how fast we all reach for the remote to skip the ads when we’re watching or listening to anything on streaming. Our lives are saturated with

tone-deaf advertisements that are used as catch-all ploys to get us to buy something. We are all looking for that emotional connection, we want to feel like a part of something and if a brand can make us feel that way, we’ll happily support them for a long time to come.

At John Mermaid Studio, we help brands with all their brand journalism needs. From blogging to photography to video making, we seek to help brands tell their story and share it with the world. In an age of social media and digital interconnectivity, brands who want to tell their story the right way often need a bit of help when it comes to web and print content. We want to use our experience in brand journalism to help you tell your story, today.

The future of communication will depend on brand journalism as it allows businesses to connect on a personal level with customers.


After all, people don’t just buy your products any more, they buy you.

With the rise of ‘cancel culture’ brands need to realise that if their values don’t line up and they’re not transparent, their business will suffer.


Brand journalism is an immensely helpful tool as it allows businesses to document their processes, team, and beliefs to be able to share them with their target audience and solidify brand loyalty.

What we can do for you.

 We create unique stories for you and your business! ideal for your marketing strategies and your online presence;

Create photography reportages for a stunning blog which it will increase your SEO!

Producing marketing funnel tools such as eBooks, guides, posters & more...